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Renewed Partnership with Catalyst Development: Enhancing Professional Development in 2024

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

We're thrilled to announce the renewal of our partnership with local leadership development firm Catalyst Development, as we take another step in empowering our members in 2023. Building on the success of our collaboration, this year promises even more opportunities for growth, learning, and connection.

A Deeper Dive into Professional Development

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we're evolving our approach to professional development for our members. Last year’s virtual professional development sessions were a huge success, so we’ve decided to continue the partnership.

Why Catalyst Development?

Catalyst Development, a woman-owned leadership development company based right here in Kansas City, will once again equip our members with essential professional skills. Dr. Katie Ervin, CEO of Catalyst Development, shares our passion for skill-building and is excited to provide development opportunities that align with our mission.

New in 2024, we’ll be changing our professional development sessions to be in-person, fostering more meaningful connections.

Exploring Crucial Topics:

Catalyst Development will deliver professional development sessions throughout the 2024 season. These sessions will explore a range of vital topics such as "Networking as an Introvert, “Having Difficult Conversations,” and “How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome."

As our mission at Driving Pursuits KC remains centered on your growth and success, we're committed to providing the tools and opportunities to help you excel in your career and on the golf course.


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