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Are you looking for a competitive edge at the office? Then you should take note that golf is a widely accepted topic of conversation in the workplace. If you can talk about golf, you have opened the door to team building, networking, and business development.  

Here's what our members have to say!

Driving Pursuits KC provided a great opportunity to invest in myself in 2019. From my perspective, it was self-care - an opportunity to turn off the technology and spend time outdoors, connect with some amazing women, and learn more about golf from a couple of stellar pros. And the lessons made a huge impact on my golf game. When I played Lions Gate with my family shortly before starting the program, I didn't love it. In fact, I may have opted out of more shots than I played. But when I played it again with ladies of DPKC at the end of the season, it was like night and day. Not only was it fun to be outside on a gorgeous day playing with new friends, but the game was much more enjoyable because I felt more capable and confident, and this time, I played every shot (pretty well, even). Looking forward to season 2! DPKC Alumni Julie Klima

DPKC provides a great environment for professional women in KC who are beginner golfers just learning the game as well as experienced players looking to improve their skills. The instructors are top notch professional women themselves and recognize the importance of the networking opportunities provided by golf.  Being a part of this group of strong, career-minded women has inspired me to not only participate in work related golfing events, but also to network beyond my usual circle. I gained perspective on different aspects of business related to engineering and construction and made new friends while gaining confidence on the golf course. Melissa and Gretchen have truly created something special in DPKC and I am grateful to be a part of it. DPKC Alumni Bridget Harper

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