Are you looking for a competitive edge at the office? Then you should take note that golf is a widely accepted topic of conversation in the workplace. If you can talk about golf, you have opened the door to team building, networking, and business development.  

Are you committed to personal body and mind wellness? Then you should know that according to a Swedish study, golfers live longer - five years longer! This is most likely because golf is a great low stress way to stay in shape.  Walking the course while playing a round of golf burns 1500 calories while simultaneously stimulating your creativity, problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Are you hoping to shake off perfectionism and just enjoy the moment? Then the good news for you is that you don’t actually have to be that good at golf to enjoy playing and have others enjoy playing with you. The truth is only 10% of all golfers ever score below 100 so no matter what your handicap turns out to be  you’ll most likely in the majority so you can relax and have fun while accomplishing your goals.

Driving Pursuits KC will help you embrace all the opportunity the game of golf offers by providing a professional level golf training series for female executives.