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Golf is a game that engages the mind and spirit as much as it challenges the body. Throughout the years it has produced character, excitement, controversy and intrigue.  The history of golf is shared with our own personal journey. We start out as more than amateurs, perceiving it as unrefined, unnatural, even uncomfortable.  We struggle to see ourselves as a part of the game and its lifestyle.  But as our community grows, we improve. We learn not just from our own experience, but those shared by others. Like our careers, the courses change with time, weather, and influence.

​As the future of golf includes more women, the future of women in business will include more golf. The introduction of new technology and improvements in golf instruction and lessons will allow more women - including you! - to enjoy the game. ​Golf allows people to connect through a game of integrity and discipline. It is challenging, high-quality and competitive. The time on the course gives people an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Golf, like professional networking, or strategic mentoring, creates a group of trusted advisers, partners, and mentors who share a goal to help others without receiving anything in return. 

​Authenticity is at the heart of golf, as it is the newest trend in business development. "Deals" are made as a result of meaningful relationships and relationships are strengthened on the golf course.

This is the vision of the game of golf from the perspective of Driving Pursuits KC. Women cultivating confidence with their peers through technique, education and community.

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