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Golf is a game where experience is vital, but much like in business, there is a need for new participants to learn and start their path to experience.  To enter the world of golf, or just your local clubhouse, is to prepare to join a community; come together, collaborate, communicate and develop plans and strategy, for all to improve.  Driving Pursuits KC wants to be the platform from which you enter this wonderful world. We want to see you succeed, and given those tools, share them with others. 

By participating in Driving Pursuits KC, you'll develop great relationships on and off the golf course while learning the basic skills of golf: grip, swing, putt, and more. For those that have tried a course, but convinced themselves they're "horrible", this series will use fitness and bio-mechanics to better your golf game. Off of the green, you'll also learn complete course etiquette, including cart rules, and when talking is and isn't appropriate. 

Driving Pursuits KC will provide your balls, tees, glove, towel, and water bottle. Most importantly, beyond even the ability to play the game, our program will also provide you with Golf Mentors, who will teach you the value of the game. These women, successful in the office and the club, will show you how golf impacted their professional careers and the opportunities it afforded them. Revel in their success stories and learn from the adversaries they've faced as they guide you to a better understanding of the game of golf and fuel your driving pursuits. 

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