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KC Women Learning Golf and Developing Leadership Skills Thanks to New Program Partnership

Driving Pursuits, a Kansas City-area organization that encourages members to learn and play the game of golf while growing new business opportunities, has announced a new initiative to offer professional development to women in business. The group has partnered with the KC startup Catalyst Development, a woman-owned leadership development company.

Catalyst Development will provide 12 half hour-long professional development sessions to the members of Driving Pursuits over the course of the 2023 season. The lessons will be held live online, so members will have access to the information regardless of their busy schedules.

"We spend the majority of our time with clients on intentional skill building” said Dr. Katie Ervin, founder and CEO of Catalyst Development. “We love the mission of Driving Pursuits, and we’re excited to provide development opportunities for many of these same skills for their members.”

Trainings will include topics such as “Networking as an Introvert,” “Having Difficult Conversations,” and “How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome.”

“Promoting personal and professional growth for our members has always been a core focus for Driving Pursuits. We are thrilled to partner with Catalyst Development to provide our members additional opportunities to improve their leadership and other business-related skills. We are excited to watch our members grow through this unique partnership!” – Melissa Seiler (formerly Windon), Co-Founder of Driving Pursuits

For more information on becoming a member of Driving Pursuits, visit

About Catalyst Development:

Catalyst Development, founded by Dr. Katie Ervin, is a leadership development company offering coaching, consulting, and trainings to individuals and corporations. The company’s curriculum is based on Dr. Ervin’s research on employee satisfaction and workplace motivation, including her signature Career and Power Skills that apply to leaders at all stages and levels.

About Driving Pursuits: Founded in 2018 by Melissa Seiler (Windon) and Gretchen Hayes, Driving Pursuits has over 120 members and mentors. The company is committed to providing a fun, non-threatening environment for members to become comfortable enough with golf to achieve their goals – whether that means golfing with family, friends, or taking your largest prospective client out for a round. As the future of golf includes more women, the future of women in business will include more golf.

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