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Lauren Kern


Lauren Kern is a Business Performance Advisor for Insperity serving the small and mid-size business community here in Kansas City.

Lauren has built her career around the principle of high purpose business, meaning that all efforts to build wealth must be beneficial not only for her family but for her community. It is this principle that led her to Insperity, where the mission is to help businesses succeed so that communities prosper. Insperity created the PEO industry in 1986. This new model for outsourced HR Services gave smaller companies access to tools, advice, resources and benefits that help them compete with the Fortune 500.

Lauren is a third-generation entrepreneur and a startup founder. In her current role, Lauren is engaged with business owners and executives based in Kansas City to help them reach their growth goals. She is thriving in the creativity, ingenuity and grit of Kansas City's entrepreneurial culture.

"Kansas City has so much pride. I feel it too! This is such a magical place, the true Heartland. I believe our city will become known for taking care of its people during this time of exponential growth, and I think we can do it better than anyone else. This city is vibrant, full of life, grounded and aspirational at the same time."

One of her favorite ways to show up in life is through connecting others. When we you meet Lauren, she is likely to ask you about exactly who you work with so that she can refer you when the opportunity arises. You'll probably also be asked about your goals are and what challenges you're facing.

"I ask questions out of a natural curiosity and a desire to be of service to others. I believe that we can solve things better together. I want to see you win. There is probably someone or something that I know of that could help."

Lauren serves on two committees for BOMA KC including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Emerging Professionals. In 2023, Lauren was awarded the BOMA KC Member of Excellence distinction for outstanding participation and community service.

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