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Emma Blankenship

Catalyst Development

Emma Blankenship is the Chief Strategy Officer at Catalyst Development, dedicated to empowering people to unlock their full potential as leaders. With expertise in personal branding, focus and effectiveness, and defeating imposter syndrome, she helps professionals excel in their personal and professional journeys. Her deep and strategic thinking approach, shaped by her education in history, allows her to provide insightful guidance to Catalyst's clients.
Also a professional singer and songwriter, Emma brings a unique set of qualifications to her coaching and training. Her creativity, storytelling abilities, and emotional intelligence enable her to deeply connect with people on a personal and authentic level. By integrating her skills as an artist, she offers a transformative coaching experience that fosters self-expression, growth, and a strong sense of identity in the professional realm.
She thrives in one-on-one conversations and takes pride in creating a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their goals and overcome challenges. If you're a motivated professional seeking personalized coaching or looking to elevate your leadership skills, she's excited to connect.

Emma serves on the executive council for the Modernists, the friends of the National WWI Museum & Memorial. She is a 2024 Rock Star fundraiser for Band of Angels. She lives in Kansas City.

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