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Dr. Katie Ervin

Catalyst Development

Dr. Ervin is the founder and CEO of Catalyst Development. Throughout her career, she has established a reputation as a transformational leader driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence. In her work, she has saved organizations millions of dollars by focusing on building a strong culture and investing in your people. Dr. Ervin believes that her work is all about the people! Her work in developing strong leaders and teams focused on critical career skill building to develop strong cultures and grow organizations.
Dr. Ervin’s area of research is workplace motivation based on self-determination theory and the impact of an employee’s perception of their organization’s support. Her first book “You Might Be an Asshole but It Might Not Be Your Fault” was released April 21, 2023 and was the #1 New Release Best Seller in Human Resources as well as Educational Leadership on Amazon.

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