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Annie Richmond


Annie is the co-founder and CEO of Penrose, a strategy consulting firm that helps leaders navigate change and catalyze growth by putting Company DNA at the heart of strategy development. At Penrose, we define Company DNA as the unique qualities and characteristics that define an organization and believe that when enterprise strategies are built on the foundation of DNA, organizations and teams are more adaptable, resilient, and successful.

Prior to Penrose, Annie held two unique roles at Starbucks headquarters in Seattle, WA. The first was a Corporate Strategy position where she led the development of six Enterprise Strategic Plans for the Board of Directors. Following that role, she led an Enterprise Transformation project to help the company transition from Founder-led to a new era of decentralized decision-making rooted in Company DNA, which inspired the idea for Penrose.

Annie is happy to be back home in Kansas City after 15 years away. She loves to travel with her family and friends, and explore the ever-growing KC restaurant scene.

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